Best Acoustic Blankets: Do Sound Blankets Work?

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Do you want to soundproof your room for recording audio/video?

Or you don’t want to get disturbed because of your noisy neighbors?

Well, there are ample suggestions out there providing methods for sound deadening and dampening. One effective way is using noise blankets for absorbing the sound.

But they are not so cheap and you might be required to buy multiple blankets to block noise dramatically.

Thankfully, I have done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Here’s everything you need to know about acoustic blankets.

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Do Acoustic Blankets Work? How Much Sound Do They Block?

Short answer: Yes, soundproof blankets do work.

But how effective are they in blocking sound?

The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a representation of how good a material is at absorbing sound. The higher this value, the better it is at absorbing sound.

The best grade sound blankets can have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of up to 0.8, which means they can absorb around 80% of the sound, while the other 20% is reflected.

The thickness and density are the two major factors influencing NRC. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you select a sound blanket with the most appropriate thickness and density. I’ve spent dozens of hours researching the blankets which pass this criterion, so you can’t be wrong with any of the choices on this list.

Best Soundproof Blankets

1. Best Premium: Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet

If you don’t mind sparing some cash to have the absolute best soundproofing for your room, then you should consider buying the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet.

It comes with a dimension of 95″ X 54″. This size makes it a perfect sheet to hang on the door.

These blankets are known to eliminate up to 65% of the outside noise by themselves. It comes with a 0.85 NRC rating. Such efficient sound attenuation is hard to find in most products. If you are a musician, these blankets will provide you with excellent feedback and crystal clear audio recordings.

Another bonus that comes with these sheets is they are solely made up of recycled material like wool and polyester.

These sheets come with three grommets on the top and bottom side of the shorter (i.e. 54″) length for quick and easy hanging. The product also comes with three hanging knobs and screws for installation.

One thing to keep in mind is these sheets are not supposed to be machine washed. Although you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean them, you might want to avoid any damage by rough washing.

All in all, the Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet is the best sound absorption blanket available in the market. If the price is no barrier, I’d highly recommend you get one.

2. Best Budget: Sure-Max Moving and Packing Blankets

If you are on a tight budget for your soundproofing project, then you can consider buying Sure-max Blankets.

These blankets are thickly woven and have cotton quilting with a polyester coating. The zig-zag stitch holds the quilt evenly and ensures durability.
It comes with dimensions 80″ X 72″. This is larger than most of the soundproofing blankets available in the market. You can easily install two blankets side-by-side to cover your whole wall.

If you are looking to record sound, then these blankets will help you dampen the high-frequency echoes. Such noise is generally generated while using electrical appliances. You can also use them to provide sound isolation to your music instruments, such as a piano.

Some users have reported scratches. Although if used delicately, it’s unlikely to happen. It is recommended to not wash these blankets to prevent any damage.

Before using these blankets, make sure you dry them out in sunlight for a day. This will help eliminate the strong dye odor it carries.

For its price and effectiveness, the Sure-Max moving blankets is a worthy investment. If you don’t mind putting up with a bit of a stench, then it can act as an excellent soundproof barrier at an affordable price.

3. Best of Best: Supreme Mover Moving Blankets

If you want an appealing look from your soundproofing blanket, then go for Supreme Mover Moving Blankets.

These blankets come in the standard dimension, i.e. 80″x72.” These are thickly woven blankets having premium cotton and poly-blend. The thickness and 7.5 lbs weight make them a perfect sound absorber. The zig-zag stitch pattern makes the quilt highly durable.

These blankets come in a black and white shade which looks excellent when nailed on the wall. The manufacturer provides you with an option to choose from single, 4 pack, 12 pack and 24 pack set. Therefore you have the freedom to buy only what you need.

Another advantage you will get with these blankets is its compatibility with machine wash. Most moving blankets are damaged and spoiled after cleaning, but these blankets can be washed more than ten times.

For the downside, you might find the dye odor a bit irritating, but you can get rid of it quickly by washing and drying the blanket. One important thing to note is that it lacks grommets.

In short, Supreme Mover Moving Blankets will provide you with adequate sound dampening at an affordable price. However, if you want to eliminate noise more effectively, I recommend you go for Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet which also comes with grommets for easy installation.

4. Best Budget Runner-up: Supreme Blanket by Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

If you need to soundproof a bigger room or multiple rooms at an affordable price, try using Supreme Blankets by Cheap Cheap moving boxes.

These noise attenuation blankets come in a pack of twelve. Every quilt shares the same dimension of 80″x72.” All sheets combined weigh 65 lbs. It is double stitched for better durability. The fabric is non-woven with a polyester binding, which means it works more like a sponge.

The blankets aren’t that thick but do their work pretty well. Given the price range and the quantity the seller offers, these blankets are best used in layers.
They have a decent sound dampening quality and will not block the noise. I suggest you combine these blankets with other soundproofing methods for the best results.

These blankets have a delicate build quality and need to be handled carefully. I would recommend using it only if you need to soundproof your room for a shorter period.

To use them, you need to hang them on a curtain rod since using them in layers is recommended. Nailing them on the wall will not provide you with the desired results.

These blankets are meant to be used once for moving furniture; therefore, they can’t be washed. If you need to clean them, use a vacuum cleaner instead. Some users have experienced an unpleasant smell coming from blankets when washed with water. Therefore it is better to keep them away from moisture.

5. Deluxe Moving Blankets by Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

If you want to use your blanket for multiple purposes, then go for Deluxe Moving Blankets by Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes.

The primary purpose of moving blankets is to protect your furniture from getting damaged while moving. Anyway, it’s always better if it can serve multiple purposes.

These blankets come in the standard dimension of 72″ x 80″. They weigh almost 4 pounds. Having a thickness of a quarter-inch, they can absorb up to 25% of the incoming sound.

These blankets are non-woven and have a polyester binding. Double-stitched edges compensate for the not-so-strong hold throughout the fabric. The polyester cover makes it sustainable to fire damage, using it away from the fireplace and stove is expected.

Most moving blankets are made for one-time use only, but you can use these blankets multiple times by washing them if necessary.

If you are planning to use them in your studio, then don’t think twice because they provide a pleasant acoustic effect for your music.

The only downside I found with these blankets is the lack of grommets. You can hang or nail them on your wall. You can also attach cup hooks to the walls and put grommets in the blankets and hung them up.

Overall, Cheap Cheap moving boxes deluxe blankets work for soundproofing your room. They can also be used for more extended periods.

What are Sound Deadening Blankets Used For?

As you probably already know, there are quite a few options when it comes to choosing the right soundproofing materials.

So, it’s critical to understand when you should consider using these sound attenuation blankets and when using other options are more practical.

Most sound deadening blankets have a fiberglass or polyester construction. This allows them to absorb unwanted noises while also providing sound insulation in the room that they are placed in.

Where Can You Use Noise Blankets?

In general, sound blankets can be used to soundproof nearly everything—from reducing noise in your home recording studio to insulating appliances and everything in between.

But in my experience, they work best in a room that has lots of hard surfaces. Surfaces such as hardwood floors let sound bounce-off between the ceiling, walls and the floor.

Here are some scenarios when you can use these sound barrier blankets effectively:

1. Soundproofing Your Home

If you have noisy neighbors or you just live near a busy street, these blankets can help reduce external sound. You can easily place these blankets over your walls, doorways, or even ceilings.

It’s also a great option if you’re looking to reduce unwanted sound in your home office or study place.

One great benefit of using these blankets is that it’s construction-free, which means there’s no hassle to install it or so. You can literally just place and remove whenever you want. This is a great solution if you live in a rented house where you do not usually have permission to do that kind of construction.

2. Home Recording Studios

If you’re looking to start your own YouTube channel or record your very first podcast, you will need to get crisp and clear audio recordings. This is also quintessential if you’re a studio professional or a vocalist. If you’re a musician who beats drums all day—chances are that you will need to soundproof your room to reduce the noise going out of your room.

A sound-insulating blanket is a great choice in such cases—it can help reduce external noises, and reduce echo so you can get those crystal clear sound recordings.

3. Insulating Appliances

It’s not uncommon to hear loud noises from various home appliances such as dishwashers and air-conditioners.

You can place these sound quilts around these appliances to act as a sound barrier. It not only helps dampen the noise but can also help reduce your energy bills by providing extra insulating around your air conditioning unit.

What to Look For: Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Design

The design aspect of a blanket is important not just for mere aesthetics, but also for its functionality and effectiveness. The design should be tailored to the location that you want to place it in.

When you’re out in the market to buy a sound blanket, you will also notice that there’s one more design option: quilted design.

A blanket with a quilted design helps in absorbing high temperature along with the usual sound absorption. As you might have guessed, they are a little pricier than non-quilted ones, but if you are working in a cold room without a heating system, I think it’s worth the extra investment.

2. Density and Thickness

Just to recap, the NRC is a representation of how good a material is at absorbing sound. The higher this value, the better it is at absorbing sound. The thickness and density are the two major factors that contribute to this value.

Most soundproof blankets have inner layers that are made of fiberglass, mass loaded vinyl, and polyester. This is where the magic happens—the density of these materials is what absorbs and deadens the sound.

For instance, if you want to reduce sound in your room or home office, you can get away with a blanket with a moderate Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC). However, if you’re looking to do sound recording, you will want to go with the blanket that boasts the absolute best NRC.

Since thick blankets are heavier, they can be harder to hang on a surface, but that’s hardly a deal-breaker.

3. Blanket Size

I recommend you measure the space where you plan to hang these blankets before purchasing the blanket.

Here’s why.

Since the sound blankets are made of thick materials, they can be extremely hard to cut and might even damage the blanket. One of my neighbors narrated a similar horror story the other day.

Therefore, I would suggest that you measure and decide on the perfect size beforehand and buy a blanket based on this decision.

4. Grommets

A grommet is a ring or edge strip that is typically used to hang the curtains over a window or a door.

Besides adding a modern finish to your blankets or curtains, it’s also useful to hang sound blankets on walls and rods.

If you buy a blanket without grommets, you can still install these items yourself with some DIY trickery. But, if you’re someone who enjoys the hassle-free installation and prefers something that works out-of-the-box, I recommend you buy a blanket with grommets.

5. Price

Soundproofing your apartment requires you to work patiently because a minor inaccuracy may lead to major ineffectiveness. The same goes with the price of a soundproofing blanket. Expensive blankets are well built providing you better soundproofing. On the other hand, if you opt for a cheaper one then it’s better to use them in layers. The best practice would be looking for a nice deal before buying any blanket.

Tips for Improving the Effectiveness of Acoustic Blankets

  • Leave a gap of 3-4 Inches between the blankets and the wall. This will virtually create an additional layer of soundproofing since the sound reverberates within the gap and thus further loses energy.
  • If you feel that the soundproofing is still not enough, try installing two or more layers of blankets. This will increase the overall thickness of soundproofing material that the sound has to pass through.
  • If you still want to kill more bass, you may have to look into purchasing some good bass traps.

Here are some techniques you can use to hang your blanket.

  • Nail the blanket on the wall using 10-penny nails, which are about 3 inches long.
  • You can also use a heavy-duty staple gun.
  • Use industrial-strength adhesive if nailing is not an option.
  • Use mounting putty at the edges for a temporary solution.

Do Moving Blankets Really Work for Soundproofing?

Moving blankets serve as an elegant solution for soundproofing your room or studio. They work best as a temporary soundproofing solution. Some soundproofing quilts come with grommets, which make them easy to install and remove on-demand.

Other ways to use them is by nailing it on the wall or hanging them on curtain rods. For better performance, using these blankets in layers is recommended.

Did you find the best acoustic blanket for your needs?

If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to comment down below.

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