Best Quietest Garbage Disposals

Looking to grind up your food waste so that it doesn’t clog up your drain? Garbage disposals to the rescue! However, you might agree with me on this: They are noisy. I can’t count the number of times my little one has woken up unusually early, thanks to our old garbage disposal’s annoying grinding noise. …

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The Best Quietest Blenders

Picture this: You want to make a smoothie or blend quietly either early in the morning or in the dead of night when everyone is asleep. Considering the tough ingredients we blend and the motor noise involved, it’s a rather challenging task. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I was annoyed with the …

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The Best Quietest Range Hoods

Do you fancy cooking but are bothered by the smokes, odors, and fumes in your kitchen? Range hoods are a great solution to help evacuate these air-borne pollutants. The only problem? Most range hoods require a fan to help accomplish this, which can create an annoying noise. I firmly believe that cooking is an art …

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