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The Best Quietest Air Rifles

Looking to hunt vermin, rodents, or squirrels in your backyard? Or are you just looking to up your outdoor target shooting game in general? I and my husband were certainly looking to. The only problem? With the loud noise coming from those gunshots, it became challenging to hunt without scaring away the prey. Not to …

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Best Quiet Lawn Mowers

There’s no denying that neatly trimmed grass in your lawn gives off a strangely calming feel. …but picture this: It’s Sunday morning and you decide to sleep in late in the comfort of your warm blanket. BAAAAAA! You get awaken by a loud roaring sound of a lawn-mower in your or your neighbor’s backyard. Sounds …

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The Best Quietest Air Compressors

Whether you’re a professional handyman or a passionate DIY-er, you might agree: Air compressors are a godsend. They allow you to work with different kinds of tools and also provide all-day lasting power. The only issue? They are usually annoyingly loud. My husband is a garage warrior, and I distinctly recall how our old air …

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