Ruth Pearson

6 Best Quiet Hair Dryers

Are you tired of drying your hair with a hairdryer that sounds like an engine? Do you feel that a noiseless hair dryer will make your life easier? I used to dry my hair with a hairdryer almost daily. The whirring loud noise was creating a lot of irritation. The kids at home would wake …

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The Best Quietest Fans

Are you tired from the constant whirring noise out of your fan? Are you unable to increase the speed of your fan without making it rattle? I had this problem for a long time. The fan in my bedroom made constant noise which was pretty irritating to hear. Whenever I increased the speed, the noise …

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The Best Quiet Air Purifiers

Are you worried about the quality of the air you are breathing? Are you constantly thinking of the various harmful effects of the polluted air around us? Air purifiers to the rescue! I used to have an air purifier in my living room. I was happy with its cleaning quality but disappointed with the sound …

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