The Best Quietest Fans

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Are you tired from the constant whirring noise out of your fan?

Are you unable to increase the speed of your fan without making it rattle?

I had this problem for a long time. The fan in my bedroom made constant noise which was pretty irritating to hear. Whenever I increased the speed, the noise increase followed.

I had to put an end to this—I couldn’t work or sleep peacefully after all. That’s when I found “noiseless” fans. I immediately replaced my bedroom fan with a quieter model and things have been better ever since!

Do you find yourself in a similar boat?

Worry not!

I have spent countless hours scouring the internet to help you find the fans that are not only silent but also extremely efficient in operation.

Ready to find the best for you? Let’s get started.

Product Name
Best Overall
Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme
Best Budget
Lasko Wind Curve Portable
Kaz Honeywell HT350B
pureFlow QT7
AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade
Honeywell QuietSet
Rowenta Turbo Silence Table Fan with Remote 18...
Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric 42" Oscillating...
Honeywell HT350B Quiet Set Table Fan
GreenTech Environmental pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan...
Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing...
Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black,...
Our Rating
Table Fan with Remote Control
Portable Oscillating Tower Fan
Table Fan
Bladeless Oscillating Fan
Pedestal Fan
Tower Fan
Best Overall
Product Name
Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme
Rowenta Turbo Silence Table Fan with Remote 18...
Our Rating
Table Fan with Remote Control
Best Budget
Product Name
Lasko Wind Curve Portable
Lasko Wind Curve Portable Electric 42" Oscillating...
Our Rating
Portable Oscillating Tower Fan
Product Name
Kaz Honeywell HT350B
Honeywell HT350B Quiet Set Table Fan
Our Rating
Table Fan
Product Name
pureFlow QT7
GreenTech Environmental pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan...
Our Rating
Bladeless Oscillating Fan
Product Name
AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade
Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing...
Our Rating
Pedestal Fan
Product Name
Honeywell QuietSet
Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan-Black,...
Our Rating
Tower Fan

Note: Looking for recommendations specifically for a tower fan? I have a dedicated resource to help you find a silent tower fan.

1. Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme

If you are looking for a quiet table-top fan, Rowenta VU2660 might be a great choice.

  • Noise Level on highest setting: 55 dB
  • Noise Level on lowest Setting: 35 dB

Its five blades are silent and consistently produce strong, cool breezes. Having 5 effective blades gives you the full power of controlling the airflow. The top carrying handles that the fan has ensured easy transport and convenience.

It has a 12-inch-diameter head, which helps in noise reduction.

It has strong airflow of up to 1695 Cu. Ft./min.

It has a Turbo Boost feature for extra power and a Silent Night mode for soundless operation. These make it perfect for a good night’s sleep.

It comes with a remote control which is extremely convenient and compact.

One disadvantage of this fan is that it’s not space-saving. It’s advertised as a table or desk fan, but in my opinion, it’s actually a bit oversized to be on top of a table. Another gripe is that it comes with a plastic base. It’s not a dealbreaker—but a sturdier base material would certainly have been more appreciated.


  • Silent operation
  • Strong airflow
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Remote controlled
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic base
  • Little oversized for a table-top fan

2. Lasko Wind Curve Portable

If you are looking for a portable oscillating fan, Lasko Wind Curve might be just what you need.

  • Noise Level on highest setting: 51 dB
  • Noise Level on lowest setting: 46 dB

This Tower fan freshens the air while it circulates it. The built-in Ionizer disperses millions of negative ions into the air that bond with positively charged ions which includes things like dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. Once the bond is formed, the particles become heavier and fall to the ground. As the negative ion levels grow in the room, the air feels naturally fresher.

Lasko includes a remote control to adjust the fan’s three quiet speeds and oscillation settings from across the room.

It has an auto energy efficient timer that can be set from 0.5 to 7.5 hours. It has a max airflow of 425 CFM.

It is a tower fan with cherry wood surrounding the center blades making this a fashionable selection. It might be a little tricky to clean this because of its bladeless structure—but it’s certainly doable.

This fan circulates the warm & stuffy air so you can get some rest. It creates just the right amount of white noise for sleeping. Although, some users have said that it doesn’t cater well to big rooms.


  • Built-in ionizer freshens the air
  • Remote controlled operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Space-efficient
  • Energy-efficient timer


  • Tricky to clean
  • Not powerful enough for very large rooms

3. Kaz Honeywell HT350B Quiet Set Table Fan

If you need a small desktop fan for personal cooling in close proximity, Kaz Honeywell HT350B could be worth looking into.

This model perches steadily on top of a flat surface, such as a table or windowsill, and provides the necessary comfort without the extra noise.

This fan comes with an oscillation feature—which is pretty uncommon in tabletop fans. The oscillation feature helps to disperse air movement over a wider area.

It doesn’t require any assembly—it is ready to use as you remove it from the box. It has 4 control buttons that are raised along the fan’s base to switch between settings easily.

You will find a sleep setting for quieter operation at night.

Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

In my experience, this isn’t exactly the quietest fan out there—but the noise levels are still pretty acceptable for a fan of its type.


  • Oscillation feature
  • Ready to use- no assembly required
  • Sleep mode
  • Overload safety protection & fused safety plug
  • Advanced QuietSet control allows for a personal sound and cooling experience.


  • A little noisy on higher settings
  • Lacks manual adjustment

4. pureFlow QT7

If you are looking for a quiet bladeless fan, the pureFlow QT7 might be the one for you.

  • Noise level on highest Setting: 43 dB
  • Noise level on lowest Setting: 13 dB

This fan comes with 12-speed settings which means you can easily adjust the airflow you are comfortable with. It also comes with an 8-foot long cord. It has a multi-directional airflow, thanks to its 90-degree vertical tilt, on top of its 90-degree horizontal oscillation and a CFM of 198.

It is extremely energy efficient- using as little as 2 Watts.

It can provide twice the circulation speed and coverage of a normal fan.

Since it is bladeless, it is extremely safe to keep around kids and pets. It is very convenient as it comes with remote control and an easy to use control panel.

Although it is great for home uses, you might want to avoid placing it in your balcony or backyard since it is not weatherproof.


  • 12-speed settings
  • Energy-efficient
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient
  • Oscillation Capability


  • Not weatherproof
  • Expensive

5. AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade

If you are looking for a quiet standing pedestal fan, AmazonBasic’s offering might be worth a look.

This 16-inch standing fan circulates air throughout stuffy spaces, improving ventilation and helping you beat the heat, day or night.

You can customize the air settings and concentration with its 24-speed settings. It comes along with 3 modes. You can choose Nature mode to create the feeling of a natural breeze, or enjoy a constant, soft airflow in Sleep mode, or you can simply choose Normal mode and select whatever speed you’d prefer for constant circulation.

The LED screen is pretty handy. You can also save energy by utilizing the fan’s automatic shut-off function, which runs in 1-hour increments from 1 to 18 hours.

This fan is tall and yet very easy to clean. This fan comes with a remote control too.

It has its fair share of flaws too.

Just like pureFlow QT7, this product, too, is not weatherproof. So it’s better to use it indoors. Moreover, since it is a pedestal fan, it is natural for it to make a little noise in its normal mode.


  • Dual blade technology
  • 24-speed settings
  • Great ventilation
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not weatherproof
  • The normal mode may be a little noisy

6. Honeywell QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

Hunting for a quiet and compact tower fan? Honeywell QuietSet has you covered.

The noise level is around 60 decibels. However, if you choose the “sleep mode” or “calm mode”, the noise level falls down dramatically between 40 and 45 decibels.

This tower fan has eight-speed settings that are adjusted using the tower’s touch button controls or the included remote control. The slim modern design of this quiet & powerful fan features oscillating motion for cooling the whole room.

You will find that it even has dimmable lights if you need absolute dark when you sleep. You can also control the panel light features with 5 lighting selections.

The Auto shut off timer allows you to set the fan to automatically turn off in 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

An amazing feature is that the fan comes with an adjustable thermostat which makes for more consistent temperature and reduced energy bills.

It has its downsides too.

The cord length seems to be a bit short (6 feet) which could restrict mobility. While this fan may be a great option for small spaces, it doesn’t cater well to very large areas.


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Dimmable lights
  • Auto shut timer
  • Easy setup and no tools assembly


  • Short cord
  • Not efficient for large spaces

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. What Are the Different Types of Fans?

Oscillating Fans

These are the fans to choose if you want cool air to cover every part of the room. These work best in small rooms. They distribute cool air in all corners are usually quiet.

Tower Fans

Fans of these types are usually bladeless. They are usually stylish and make your home look fancier without taking up much space. Many tower fans come with an air purifier filter and you can choose ones with other filters too.

Table Fans

Table fans come in all shapes and sizes. These are compact, portable, and aren’t noisy at all. They have switches that can be used to adjust the oscillations.

Depending on the size of your room, you can choose the size and design of the fan.

Rowenta VU2660 Turbo Silence Extreme is a good option in this regard.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are very popular for maximum airflow and floor-space conservation. As the name suggests, they are hung on the ceilings for maximum airflow and floor-space conservation. They come in a huge variety of styles and designs.

Usually, these are the fans people buy in their homes. Nowadays, these also come with light fixtures. You can control these fans with a remote and make work much easier.

You will also find giant ceiling fans in use in large commercial and warehouse spaces and even train stations—places that require excellent air circulation.

2. Shape, Speed, & Diameters of the Blades

The design of the fan blades plays a great role in determining the noise level. Manufacturers are constantly enhancing the aerodynamics of fan blades in an attempt to increase airflow output while reducing the noise level at the same time.

Another factor is speed. It is well known that as we increase the speed of the fan, the noise increases. Higher RPMs increase noise and lower RPMs decrease noise.

AmazonBasics Oscillating Dual Blade comes with 24-speed settings.

The diameter of the fan also determines the noise output. A fan with a larger diameter will give out less noise as compared to a fan with a smaller diameter.

For example, a fan with 15″ diameter will give out the same amount of airflow as a 9″ fan, but with less noise.

This is the reason why ceiling fans are quieter than table fans.

3. Noise Levels (dB)

Noise level is the amount of noise produced by a fan at its highest and lowest setting, measured in decibels (dB).

Some manufacturers provide a range of decibels, while others simply provide the dB on the Max setting.

The pureFlow QT7 is a great pick in this regard, having a noise range of 13-43 dB.

4. Maximum Airflow

The airflow of the fans is mostly measured by manufacturers in CFM—cubic feet per minute. Another common measure is liters per second.

CFM is a measurement of the volume of air that the fan moves in a minute. While a high CFM is good for moving air, it also produces more noise. For silent fan shopping, a good balance of low dB and good CFM is key.

You can check the CFM by using this calculator.

5. Altitude

This environmental factor cannot be controlled.

Thinner air at altitude will be reduced for each level of RPMs, making it necessary to run the same fan at a higher speed to achieve an equal result.

6. Extra Features

Nowadays, fans are coming with great new features. They come with remote controls, light, and even Bluetooth features.

It is great to operate a fan without having to get up at all! Some fans also have built-in ionizers that basically act like air fresheners. They remove minute particles of dust and debris and keep the air fresh. This feature is very popular in tower fans.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Can You Expect from a Quiet Fan?

Obviously, it’s irritating to have a fan making constant whirring noises.

If you use a quieter fan, you can enjoy the cool air and also focus on the work you do. Replacing a noisy fan with a high quality durable silent fan would not cost much, but would make a huge difference in our everyday life.

Moreover, a silent fan will not disturb you while you are asleep.

How Many dB Is a Quiet Fan?

The acceptable noise range for a quiet fan is around 40 decibels. The noise levels of most of the products on this list lie somewhere around this.

How Can I Make My Fan Quieter?

Here are a few steps to help you quite your fan:

  1. Keep The Fan On A Level Surface
  2. Sit Your Fan On a Rug or Carpet
  3. Clean It Thoroughly and Regularly
  4. Tighten Loose Screws or Knobs
  5. Align Fan Blades
  6. Oil The Fan Motor
  7. Replace Damaged Cushioning
  8. Hack The Fan Cage

Are Tower Fans Quiet?

Yes, since these types of fans are mostly bladeless, they are pretty quiet in operation.

Are Bladeless Fans Quiet?

Rooting on the air-multiplier technology, these fans draw in a large amount of air and amplify it to a great extent and are incredibly quiet too.

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