The Best Quiet Space Heater

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Space heaters are a godsend, especially in the chilly winters.

My only gripe?

They can often be loud.

The one I had in my baby room made a constant humming noise, making it harder for her to fall asleep.

Is your heater bothering you with such problems?

Worry not!

I have done all the legwork when it comes to finding a space heater that is not only silent but also efficiently heats up the room.

Let’s get straight into it!

Product Name
Best Overall
Dr. Infrared Heater
Best Budget
Lasko 5160
DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater
De'Longhi Convector Panel Heater
Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater,...
Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote...
DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater...
De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet...
Our Rating
Infrared Heater
Ceramic Heater
Portable; Programmable radiator heater
Full-room Heater
Best Overall
Product Name
Dr. Infrared Heater
Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater,...
Our Rating
Infrared Heater
Best Budget
Product Name
Lasko 5160
Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote...
Our Rating
Ceramic Heater
Product Name
DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater
DeLonghi TRD40615T Full Room Radiant Heater...
Our Rating
Portable; Programmable radiator heater
Product Name
De'Longhi Convector Panel Heater
De'Longhi Convection Panel Heater, Full Room Quiet...
Our Rating
Full-room Heater

Note: If you’re serious about eliminating noise from your home, you might also want to consider replacing your existing appliances like your old air purifier with a silent air purifier. This mega-detailed guide features the best models with true HEPA filters that are also easy on your wallet.

1. Dr. Infrared Heater

Looking for an infrared space heater that can produce about 60% more heat than many other products of its type? Dr. Infrared Heater might be worth a look.

It is silent when in use due to its high-pressure low noise blower. At maximum, it generates only 39 decibels of noise. It is about 35% quieter compared to Vornado Heat VH200.

It uses a dual heating system that comprises an infrared quartz tube and PTC. It also comes with a timer to automatically shut it off after 12 hours of operation.

This is a 1500-Watt space heater and can heat up to 1000 sq. ft. evenly and optimally.

It can be easily regulated with the help of the IR remote. It features an electronic thermostat that generates heat in the range of 50 to 86 degrees. An electric cord of 72 inches is also provided in the package.

It is pretty portable too. The 4 casters in the base of the cabinet help you conveniently move the heater from one room to another.

This is one of the safest models on my list. It is competent to deal with overheating. It also comes with tip-over protective features.

This is an auto energy-saving model with high and low features. Thus, it is able to generate heat without unnecessary wastage of energy.

The negative points about this product are that even though it is energy-efficient if you use all its features at one go, it might still consume a considerable amount of power supply.

Another downside is that it requires a high-quality extension lead to prevent the fuse from being blown.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Portable
  • Safe
  • Whisper-quiet


  • Might lead to higher energy bills if all the features turned on
  • Requires a high-quality extension lead to prevent the fuse from being blown

2. Vornado Heat VH200 (Quiet Electric Heater)

Are you desiring to install a quiet electric space heater that is also energy-efficient? The Vornado Heat VH200 might be worth looking into.

It is one of the quietest products on my list with a noise of about 52 dBA at its peak. For even quieter models, you may check out Dr. Infrared Heater which is about 35% quieter.

This 1500-Watt heater uses fan-forced heating technology that is able to distribute the warm air throughout the room without creating areas of extreme heat directly around the heater perfectly.

It is effective over a space of 100-300 sq. ft. It has a thermostatic temperature control knob that enables you to select your desired heat setting by simply turning the dial. It comes with 3 settings – 1500W, 1125W, and 750W to adjust the heat as per your requirement.

It is also portable. Housing construction is made from thick, quality plastics that do not melt or break with extreme use. It is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

The product employs advanced safety features. It features tip-over protection and is completely safe to touch even after long hours of use.

It does have a few flaws, though.

The heat output could have been better. If you are looking for a heater for large premises, then I would recommend you to also consider the Dr. Infrared Heater. Also, there is no remote control mechanism, so obviously, you won’t be able to regulate it remotely.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a space heater that heats up your space quickly and in an energy-efficient way, this model from Vornado might be a solid pick.


  • Heats quickly
  • Portable
  • Stylish
  • Compact
  • Excellent build quality


  • Average heat output
  • No remote control mechanism

3. Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater (Quiet Ceramic Heater)

Are you on a budget and looking for a good heater to warm up your personal space? The Lasko 5160 might be what you’re looking for.

This quiet heater, at maximum, generates only about 45 dB. This is about 15% quieter compared to Vornado Heat VH200.

It oscillates quietly to blow heat throughout the room and ensure even warmth. It uses a patented blower technology with penetrating air velocity to maximize results.

It is basically a 23-Inch digital ceramic tower heater that lets you select a comfortable level of heat. The elongated ceramic element increases heat production.

The set is able to warm an area of up to 300 sq. ft. The device is energy efficient and works at a power of 1500-Watts.

The product also features a programmable thermostat with an eight-hour timer that maintains the preferred temperature. All its settings and operations can be regulated from a distance with the help of a remote.

It can be easily carried from one location to the other with the help of the carrying handle.

The cool-touch exterior makes it safe to use. Hence, even after long hours of using it, you can touch it without any hesitation. Overheat protection is also ensured.

There are few downsides to this product as well.

Firstly, in the thermostatic (auto) function, you do not get an option for low. Hence, the device only operates at high and this might not be your requirement.

Some consumers mentioned that the room feels a bit drying. But if you were to ask to, this could be easily remedied by letting in some fresh for some time and then using the appliance again.


  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Remote-controlled
  • Has a cool-touch exterior


  • No option for low in the thermostatic auto mode
  • Might be a bit room-drying

4. Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater

No products found.

Looking for a quiet space heater that can be used particularly in your office or in a room for babies? Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater might just be what you’re looking for.

It has got an excellent noise rating of 39 dB only. It makes it the quietest of all the products mentioned in this article. Being extremely silent in its operation it is very suitable to be used in commercials spaces, offices, and nursery rooms.

It makes use of infrared technology to keep the air comfortably moist and warm. This also ensures that the warm air is circulated throughout the room and not just the ceiling. These infrared heaters warm you and other objects directly and do not burn the air like conventional space heaters.

The top is a slightly textured black with a wood grain strip towards the front which contains the control panel with LCD panel and controls for power, timer, purifier, and a quiet setting.

This 1500-watt space heater covers up to 800 square feet and the thermostat range is 60 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the heater is turned on it starts emitting heat with a reddish-orange light from the front. It comes with 3 temperature setting scales to regulate between 1-20 levels, Fahrenheit and Celsius. All the operations of the heater can be regulated with the help of an IR remote.

It comes with an electric cord that measures about 6 feet and fits 3 prong outlets. This heater has a heat output of 5200 BTU where BTU stands for British Thermal Units which is a unit for measuring heat and energy.

The product is light in weight and comes with two handles on each side which makes it very portable. A major positive point is that it does dry the air in the room like the other conventional heaters and hence can be kept in a baby room.

The auto tip-over sensor turns the space heater off when it tips over. Also, it has a cool-touch exterior which shouldn’t heat up no matter how long you use the machine.

There are some downsides to it as well.

Firstly, the energy efficiency of the heater could definitely use some improvement.

Some users said that they found the labeling of the thermostat a bit odd and suggested encrypting the actual temperatures instead of numbers between 1 to 20 to help them regulate the warmth in a better manner.


  • Does not dry the air
  • Portable
  • Silent operation
  • Cool-touch exterior


  • Comparatively less energy-efficient
  • Odd labeling on the thermostat makes it difficult to set the desired temperature

5. DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater

Are you hunting for a high-quality programmable radiator heater? Consider checking out the DeLonghi Dragon4.

With a noise rating of 40 dB, it ranks second on my list in terms of the noise level.

It is good for spaces with an area of about 144 sq ft. Thus, it can be used to heat up medium to moderately large rooms.

A 24-hour programmable timer lets you warm up a room before you enter it. An adjustable thermostat and three heat settings are also included to customize the amount of heat.

Multiple controls on the device help you to adjust the temperature for customized comfort. The auto-shutoff feature is also available to prevent wastage of energy. The heat output of this set is 5000 British Thermal Units per hour. For even better BTU levels you may check out Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater.

The housing material is steel which makes it pretty durable. The permanently sealed oil reservoir doesn’t need refilling. It has an extra edge over the rest as it has up to 40% more heat surface for faster heat up.

Portability shouldn’t be an issue, thanks to its pre-assembled wheels. It is also quite light in weight which makes it further easy to relocate.

You can be assured that you won’t be harmed due to the heat by touching its surface since the patented thermal chimneys are constructed to maximize heat flow and still maintain low surface temperature.

Moving on to the downsides.

It does not have a tip-over protection switch and doesn’t come with remote control. The area of coverage is comparatively lower than many similar products. If this is a deal-breaker for you, I would suggest you having a look at the De’Longhi since it heats about twice the area.


  • Quiet operation
  • Vast heat surface area
  • Faster heating
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • 24-hour programmable timer


  • No tip-over protection switch
  • No remote control

6. De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater

Are you hunting for a full room convector panel heater? Well, the De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater might do the trick.

The heater generates only 40 dB which makes it one of the quietest on my list. It is about 20% quieter compared to Vornado Heat VH200.

For generating the heat, the product makes use of a dual fan system. This system helps to warm the room in a very small period of time.

There are multiple heat settings along with the adjustable thermostat to help customize the level of warmth. This heater is able to heat up an area of about 300 sq. ft. The heater can be conveniently used in the bedroom, living room, office, or anywhere in the home.

The package includes a kit to help mount the heater on the wall. Hence, you get the choice of either setting it on the floor or mounting it on the wall. It also comes with a manual programmable timer.

This 1500-Watt heater is well-known for its efficiency and cam heat the entire space very evenly. It comes with 5120 BTUs of heating power which is the second-highest on my list. For even greater BTU power, you may check out Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater.

It has got an asphalt grey exterior which gives it a very classy look. Its sleek design makes it very appealing. It can be easily carried from one room to the other due to its lightweight.

Complete safety is assured with the thermal cut-off system and an internal tip-over switch. Power/caution indicator lights have also been added in the heater to ensure total protection. The anti-freeze setting to help prevent freezing pipes.

The ECO function automatically adjusts heat and power settings which saves energy.

There are a few drawbacks to this product.

As reported by a few users, the unit smelled for some time after it was used for the first time. But they also reported that this smell fades away soon.

The quality of the materials could use some improvement to make it a little bit more sturdy. Lack of remote control might be a bummer for some.


  • Portable
  • Stylish
  • Comes with a mounting kit
  • Safe features
  • Fast-heating


  • Not so sturdy
  • Not remote-controlled

The Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying

1. Noise level

Heaters are a huge relief in extremely cold weather conditions. They are usually kept in the inner quarters of the house to keep them warm enough and make the environment comfortable for all the members.

But if the noise rating is sub-par or if the parts start producing rattling sounds, the quality of your living might be hampered. Therefore, it is important to note the noise rating of the model.

Based on my research, products like Dr. Infrared Heater and Vornado Heat VH200 stand out of the lot in this regard and are worth mentioning.

2. Technology Used

Technology plays a pivotal role in determining the overall performance of any product and hence, while you buy a space heater the technology must be carefully checked.

Most products feature dual-heating systems. The specialty of these systems is that they can heat up space in a very short span of time. One such product making use of this method is Dr. Infrared Heater.

Dr. Infrared Heater also uses an electronic thermostat to regulate the warmth inside the rooms.

Products like Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater make use of a programmable thermostat to customize your comfort. Further to distribute the heat evenly throughout the system, it oscillates to deliver heat in all directions.

3. The Type of Heater

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic heaters produce heat by heating an element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic. There are several benefits of using this technique for generating heat.

They are ideal for larger areas or rooms with higher ceilings. Being light in weight and having a compact design makes them very portable.

It does not burn fuel and hence saves lots of non-renewable energies and also eliminates the formation of smoke.

The ceramic heaters provide timing devices that allow you to set a pre-determined time to have the heater turn on or shut off. They are energy-efficient as well. Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater is a good choice if you opt for these types of heaters.

Ceramic heater
Ceramic heater

Infrared or Halogen Heater

These heaters are filled with halogen gas which helps generate the necessary amount of heat. It has a high element temperature and gives a greater output.

In comparison to other products, these heaters are slightly less durable but their output is unmatched. The heat can be sensed as soon as the lamp lights up.

Halogen infrared heaters are brighter because of the higher temperature. The heat is direct and hence some of them can oscillate to help distribute the heat effectively throughout the room.

If you go for this type of heaters then Dr. Infrared Heater is a fabulous option.

Infrared or Halogen Heater
Infrared or Halogen Heater

Oil-filled Heater

Oil-filled heaters, on the other hand, make use of the oil present in it to warm up your personal space. The oil is electrically heated and acts as a heat reservoir.

The oil has high specific heat capacity which facilitates the effective transfer of heat. Basically, they work on the principle of convection.

With regard to price, these heaters seem to be somewhat on the higher end but they are still very widely in use due to their effectiveness. These are extremely silent during their operation.

DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater is a good-quality high performing oil-filled heater.

4. Heating Capacity

The heating capacity of the heater can be gauged primarily by its size. The technology used in generating the heat also determines its heating capacity.

Products like De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater that make use of a dual fan system for heating have a great heating capacity.

Infrared heaters like Dr. Infrared Heater are capable of covering larger spaces thus they possess a higher heating capacity.

Heating Capacity
Heating Capacity

5. Portability

Heaters are important during the cold weather conditions and hence they must be portable to be carried along wherever you go.

If the one you choose is heavy and does not facilitate easy transportation, you might face portability issues. Hence, it is advised to look for structural features like carrying handles and pre-assembled wheels to ensure that the set can be easily carried from one room to another.

Keeping these factors in mind, the DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater and Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater are some great products.

6. Safety Features

Heaters are usually used in the inner quarters of homes where people mostly dwell and hence, ensuring complete safety against any sort of mishap is a major concern.

The first safety feature is overheating protection. Heaters are used for a considerable duration of time and hence, it is necessary that the user does not injure himself by touching the exterior. Products like Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater have a cool-touch exterior to deal with such issues.

Another safety feature is the tip-over protection switch that is released when the device falls to the ground. De’Longhi Convector Panel Heater provides tip-over protection.

Some products like Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater ensure that the air inside the room does not dry up due to the heat being generated which is of paramount importance to the people dealing with sinus problems.

7. Energy Efficiency

Dr. Infrared Heater is a great pick for auto energy-saving. Another noteworthy product in this light is DeLonghi Dragon4 Programmable Portable Radiator Heater.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is My Space Heater So Loud?

Here are some reasons why your space heater could be so loud:

  • problem with the relay in case of fan-based heaters
  • damaged blower motor
  • damaged heat coil
  • faulty halogen bulb or quartz in case of halogen heaters

2. What is the Safest Kind of Space Heater?

The space heaters that come with a cool-touch exterior, contain the tip-over protection switch to quickly shut off the system when it falls down and can take necessary steps to prevent overheating is the safest type of heater.

3. Should You Leave a Space Heater on Overnight?

Even though the heaters that are endowed with the latest technology are very safe to use but in my opinion, it is still not a great decision to sleep with the heaters on overnight.

A few problems that can be faced by the user are listed here.

4. Is Sleeping with the Heater on Bad for You?

Well, to stay on the safe side every time, I would suggest you turn off the heaters before you go to sleep. Here are some of the reasons:

  • may ignite flammable clothing or other materials
  • dry up the air inside the room which affect sinus patients
  • dry up your skin
  • can harm your respiratory process due to carbon monoxide poisoning

5. Which Type of Heater is Cheapest to Run?

Halogen or infrared heaters are the cheapest of all types of heaters. They not only save money at the time when you buy them but, being energy-efficient, they also help you save money on your energy bills.

The Bottom Line

After careful evaluation, I believe that Dr Infrared Heater ranks first on my list. It is a great pick for the ones looking for a whisper-quiet infrared heater. It makes use of the most advanced technologies and comprises of the infrared quartz tube and PTC which quickly warms the space. It is claimed to heat up to 1000 sq. ft.

My next choice would be Unique Heat Infrared Room Space Heater. Being ultra-quiet it is great for both office and domestic use. It does not dry the air inside the room it is being used. It covers a great area and is portable. Its cool-touch exterior makes it particularly safe. This 1500-watt space heater covers up to 800 square feet.

Lasko 5160 Ceramic Tower Heater is another great choice if you’re on a budget and looking for a good-quality heater. This remote-controlled model is able to warm an area of up to 300 sq. ft.

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