The Best Silent Alarm Clocks

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Is your partner irritated that every time you need to wake up, the alarm wakes them up too?

Does the loud noise of your alarm make your morning cranky and unpleasant?

Enter quiet alarm clocks.

These kinds of alarm clocks usually use a gradual light rise or vibrations to wake you up peacefully.

Here are some of the best progression alarm clocks that you can buy today:

Product Name
SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wireless
Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock
TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker
Philips Wake-Up Light
LittleHippo Mella
SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wireless | Bluetooth...
Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed...
TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch for Kids...
Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy...
LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Sleep...
ShakeAwake Vibrating Alarm Clock - ATC0833
Product Name
SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wireless
SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wireless | Bluetooth...
Product Name
Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock
Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed...
Product Name
TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker
TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker Watch for Kids...
Product Name
Philips Wake-Up Light
Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light Therapy...
Product Name
LittleHippo Mella
LittleHippo Mella Ready to Rise Children's Sleep...
Product Name
ShakeAwake Vibrating Alarm Clock - ATC0833

Sr. No.ProductDescriptionRatingPrice
1.SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wirelessheadband alarm clock3.8/5Check Price
2.Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock bed shaker feature4.4/5Check Price
3.TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker vibrating wristband4.1/5Check Price
4.Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock with Colored Sunrise Simulation wake-up light4.1/5Check Price
5.LittleHippo Mella best for kids4.3/5Check Price
6.ShakeAwake vibrating alarm clock3.8/5Check Price
7.SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock vibration under the pillow3.5/5Check Price
8.HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock wake-up light4.4/5Check Price

1. SleepPhones AcousticSheep Wireless

If you are looking for uninterrupted space, for watching TV, reading a book, or just listening to music without disturbing your partner—this creative headband style alarm clock works pretty well.

It features soothing sounds to help you fall asleep faster and remain in a state of deep sleep. It is multi-functional so you can get it to work with your choice of music, television, or audiobooks through a wireless Bluetooth connection.

It is very simple to set up- you just have to remove the control pad from the headband and switch it on by holding the middle button down until it flashes red. It then automatically pairs with your nearest Bluetooth device.

The ultra-thin, flat speakers are comfortable enough to wear while lying down or sleeping on your side while the module’s built-in volume and play/pause/skip controls easily let you control your Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It comes in two choices—soft fleece/breeze and a polyester/spandex material. There are also 3 sizes to choose from: xs, medium, and extra-large and they come in multiple colors too.

It takes around 3 hours to charge. Charging can be done easily using the included universal micro-USB charging cable. A USB wall adapter is not included, but the company does offer them on their website. The band has a battery life of 13 hours.

It is so comfortable that you can’t even feel them while you sleep. The company also offers free sound downloads as well as audio for purchase focused on soothing nighttime sounds, or white noise.

One major downside is that if you are not fond of headphones, you wouldn’t like using this irrespective of its features.


  • Comfortable
  • Portable
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple functions


  • Does not come with USB charging cable
  • Not suitable for people who dislike headphones/headbands

2. Sonic Alert Digital Alarm Clock

If you are a heavy sleeper and you are looking for a bed shaking alarm clock, this might worth checking out.

It has an extra loud alarm—which thankfully you can turn off, thanks to its powerful 12-volt bed-shaking feature. Its vibrating pad will awaken the heaviest of sleepers. The Sonic Bomb is great for heavy sleepers as well as those hard of hearing or deaf.

If the loud alarm won’t wake you up, the pulsating alert lights will. It has a large red LCD with an explosive red display.

It has a 5-level dimmer & a test function to ensure that your clock is set up properly.

It has a dual alarm and also comes with a 1-year warranty. If you are a light sleeper, this alarm clock might scare you or give you a jolt in the mornings.


  • Ideal for heavy sleepers or disabled
  • Large LCD display
  • Red alert lights
  • Bed shaker feature


  • Bed shaker feature might scare light sleepers

3. TOOBUR Fitness Activity Tracker

If you are looking for a wristband for an alarm clock, this might be a great option.

One of its most noteworthy feature of this wristband is its heart rate monitor. Through this, you can keep track of your pulse anywhere you and whatever you do, even when you’re exercising.

It also acts as a sleep tracker, telling you how long you’ve slept and how peaceful or restless it was. This health tracker is resistant to splash water, rain, and sweat.

It works with devices with Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 or above, or iOS 7.1 or above. Only after an hour of charging, you can use this from 3 to 7 days. Connecting to Bluetooth might be a bit challenging at first—but once connected, you’re good to go.

It is easy to use and maintain and wake you up effectively. You just have to download an app—Veryfit—and then set a silent alarm on it. The tracker will vibrate softly to gently wake you up.


  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Great battery life
  • Anti-loss feature
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep checker


  • Slighly inaccurate date

4. Philips Wake-Up Light (Best Progression Alarm Clock)

If you are looking for an alarm that has a wake-up light feature, this model from Philips might do the trick.

It slowly increasing the brightness of the light up to 200 lux. It uses light therapy and wakes you up with a sunrise feel to make you more energetic. It comes with 20 different brightness settings. It’s clinically proven to help you wake up feeling more refreshed.

The light slowly increases in brightness between 20 and 40 minutes prior to your desired alarm time. In fact, you can use this light to help you get a peaceful sleep too.

It has a static stand so you can place it on your nightstand. You can use it either as an alarm clock or simply a reading light.

It also comes with a variety of audible alarms. Eventually, as the light brightens, the clock starts a beeping noise—you can either snooze it or switch it off then.

Although, if you are a heavy sleeper, this might not be the best option.


  • Gives a natural, sunrise effect
  • Makes you refreshed and energetic in the morning
  • Helps you fall asleep too


  • Not the best option for heavy sleepers

5. LittleHippo Mella

Having trouble making your kid an early riser? LittleHippo Mella might be just what you need.

This little alarm clock is made especially for children. It has a cute design and is made with completely child safe materials.

It uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kids when it’s time for bed and time to wake up. Half an hour before it’s time to wake up, the clock glows yellow, signaling it’s time to start the day. When it turns green, it’s time to wake up!

You can choose a combination of audio and light from the 3 sleep sound options and 5 night light colors that will help your child to peacefully go to bed. Moreover, there are three alarm sounds and both an alarm and silent countdown for timed activities for older children in this clock.

It comes with a power adpter for easy charging. It also comes with a 4 foot long USB cord.

The control button are placed at the bottom, so they might be a bit challenging to reach—but this is hardly a deal-breaker.


  • A perfect balance between features and usability
  • Safe for children
  • Multiple sounds and light settings
  • Fun-filled way of making your child go to bed


  • Control buttons below

6. ShakeAwake

ShakeAwake is a tiny and compact vibrating alarm clock. It is actually made to be a pocket-sized alarm clock that can come handy while traveling.

People who are unable to hear properly, even the deaf, can use this option. It has a vibrating feature that helps you wake up. Although, the audio option may not be the most efficient option to wake you up. The audio option is not too loud.

It is extremely simple to use – it has only 2 buttons! It works on an AAA battery, which is not included when you buy it.

If you are a reader and do not want to turn on the lights in the night to avoid waking your roommate, this clock has a soft backlight that will enable you to use it as a reading light.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Can be used by people with a hearing disorder


  • None

7. SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock

SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock is another quirky alarm clock that you can simple place under your pillow.

You just have to keep it under your pillow and let the vibration wake you up gently. You can also keep it on your nightstand if you want.

You can also use the beep option or you can use both – vibration and audio. It shows current time and alarm time as well. It has an easy slide button that enables you to choose the vibration option and save your settings.

It comes with a backlight that gets enabled when you snooze the alarm, although the backlight is not too bright.

It uses 3 AAA batteries which are not included in the manufacturer’s packaging.

Just like the Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, this clock may not wake up the heaviest of sleepers.


  • Great for a personal alarm option
  • You can choose vibration or audio or both
  • Travel-friendly
  • Comfortable to sleep even while kept under the pillow
  • Affordable


  • May not wake up the heaviest sleepers

8. HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you’re looking for an alarm clock to wake you up naturally and gradually, consider having a look at this one.

Unlike other wake-up light alarm clocks that have super bright lights that shine in your eyes, this option has a gradual increase of light that wakes you up while making it feel like a sunrise.

You can choose the level of brightness that you desire by choosing amongst the 20 adjustable brightness of the sunrise light and 7 colors of LED Time display brightness. It grows from a red-tinted light to a bright white, just like the sunrise.

It also has 7 audio alarm options which are natural sounds like the wind bells, the stream, etc. It even comes with an FM radio option.

It also can be used as a nightlight, or a reading light by adjusting the brightness levels.


  • A gradual, natural way of waking you up
  • Multiple options to customize brightness and sound
  • LED Time display
  • Can be used a reading light
  • Can be connected to an app


  • Flashing WiFi light

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider Before Buying a Progression Alarm Clock

Quiet Operation

Of course, since we are looking for silent alarms, this is a primary factor. You will need to look for the operation of the alarm- whether it is silent or not. Some alarm clocks make ticking sounds, some make vibrations or some are progressive clocks.

According to your needs, you will have to choose the most appropriate clock.

Light or Vibration

Two forms of completely quiet alarms are light alarms and vibration alarms. Light alarms are designed to simulate sunrise or to slowly turn on various colors of lights to awaken you slowly and quietly. You will need to choose if you want an alarm clock that vibrates when it rings or gradually produces light.

Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock uses a gradual sunrise wake up system to get you out of your slumber.

Ease of reading time

A clock with small digits for reading time will do no one good. When you wake up all groggy from a good night’s sleep, you don’t want the trouble of guessing what the time is!

A clock with bigger digits or even better – a digital clock – will really ease your morning confusion.

The SHARP Pillow Personal Alarm Clock has a clear distinction and display of current time and alarm time.

Type of Waking Sounds

There are various types of waking sounds to choose from when it comes to gentle wake alarm clocks. Some people prefer a gentle beeping, buzzing, or chirping sound that slowly increases in level until you are awakened. Apart from the all-time favorite – music, another type of awakening sound is that of natural sounds such as bird songs and other sounds of nature.


If you are going for an alarm that wakes you up with increasing light, check if it has a dimming option too. You do not want to wake your partner with the highest setting of light. Some people use the night light of the alarms, that gradually increase over the night. If you want an alarm that dims the light to its night light, check for that feature.

Sleep Therapy Options

Some modern alarm clocks include sleep therapy options, which include lights and sounds to help you relax and fall asleep. Along with these alarm clocks are temperature, lighting, white noise, and other controls designed to help you stay asleep. These machines tend to use sunrise simulation to awaken you as well.

Compact and stable

You need to select a model that fits comfortably on your nightstand without disturbing the place of other things. It should be stable and small enough to fit in your handle.

Wrist option

There are many new wrist option alarm clocks in the market. If you are comfortable with wearing a band around your wrist all night, wrist alarm can be a great option. Wrist alarms usually send shock waves that wake you up. If you do not want an alarm clock waking your partner, you can opt for a wrist alarm watch.

Extra features

Apart from telling time, many alarm clocks even show temperature and act as a radio or a Bluetooth speaker. There are some models that have a night light and the light gradually increases when you have to wake up. In fact, there is a feature somewhere the clocks act as wireless chargers for cellphones themselves.

What are the benefits of a quiet alarm clock?

A ticking clock is a relaxing and soothing sound to some, but to others, it is irritating and keeps them awake.

Quiet alarm clocks are of two types. The first type is the one which is completely quiet all night and makes sounds or alerts at the alarm time.

The second is the one that uses innovative techniques to wake up sleepers that don’t involve loud noises or sounds that can cause people to be flooded with adrenaline, confused, and disoriented. Whether it’s through the use of slowly-increasing light, vibrations, or gentle sounds.

These handy devices can be a lifesaver for people who need to wake up without disturbing their partner or other nearby sleepers.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Quartz Clocks Silent?

Yes, quartz clocks are quite silent. The silent quartz sweep movement also makes for very accurate timekeeping.

What is a Progression Alarm Clock?

To wake you up, a progression alarm clock goes after your senses of Sight with gradual ambient light, Sound with lively nature sounds (Nightfall, Thunder Storm, Zen Melody, Mountain Stream, Songbirds, and Ocean Surf) and Smell with stimulating aromatherapy scents (Coffee, Energy, Stress Relief, Lavender).

Are Wrist Alarm Clocks Better?

This is completely subjective. Some people are not fond of restricting shock collars while other people feel it does a good job awakening you. It is not better or worse if you are willing to wear a band on your hand while you sleep at night. Some people do not like that restriction and so, do not favor wrist alarms.

What is a Silent Sweep Clock?

Sweep clock movement is a quartz clock movement that features a continuous, smooth sweep motion that removes any ticking noise that might distract or interrupt you.

What is a Solar Alarm Clock? Is it better?

We all have a tendency to check an alarm clock’s setting at bedtime to make sure it is set right. But always there is a fear that it will stop working if the batteries run out. Solar-powered alarm clocks are cool, eco-friendly and will run as long as the sun continues to rise. Solar Alarm clocks sound geeky but they come in a wide range of cool designs.

They are ideal for usage in our homes as well as our workplaces. They are better in usage, energy-saving and also can be a really thoughtful gift for corporates.

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