The Best Quietest 3000 Watt Generators (Under 49dB)

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Generators have become a part and parcel in our homes, worksites, camping areas, and many more. With so many models in the market, it becomes quite confusing to go for the best one.

Are you troubled with your existing generator because it creates a lot of noise?

Or are you dissatisfied with the run time of your current machine? Are you looking for a more portable model?

Worry not!

I have spent dozens of hours scouring the web for the quietest 3000w generators that you can buy. Also, if you scroll down to the second half of the page, you can see the factors that I have considered to help select the absolute best ones.

Let’s dive straight into it!

Product Name
Best Overall
Honda EU3000IS1A
Generac GP3000i
Best Budget
Westinghouse WGen3600
Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W 120V Portable...
Generac 7129 GP3000i 3,000-Watt Gas-Powered...
Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator, 4650...
Our Rating
Ultra Quiet
Great Pick for Portability
Great Runtime With a Large Oil Tank
Best Overall
Product Name
Honda EU3000IS1A
Honda Power Equipment EU3000IS 3000W 120V Portable...
Our Rating
Ultra Quiet
Product Name
Generac GP3000i
Generac 7129 GP3000i 3,000-Watt Gas-Powered...
Our Rating
Great Pick for Portability
Best Budget
Product Name
Westinghouse WGen3600
Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator, 4650...
Our Rating
Great Runtime With a Large Oil Tank

Note: Looking for a propane generator that’s quiet? We put a ton of effort into making this research guide to help you make the right choice.

1. Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator

Are you on the lookout for a generator that uses inverter technology and is ultra-quiet at the same time? Honda EU3000IS1A might fit the bill.

This is one of the quietest models on my list and generates only about 49 to 58 dB.

It can operate a wide variety of appliances including a furnace, fridge, microwave, TV, blenders, most 13,500 BTU RV AC units and much more making it ideal for use at home or camping.

It is pretty fuel-efficient and can run up to 20 hours on 3.4 gallons of fuel. The tank size is about twice the size of the Generac GP3000i Super Quiet Inverter Generator. Depending on the load it runs 7.2 to 20 hours on a single tank. The oil alert helps shut off the engine as soon as the amount of oil falls to a minimum.

Another thing that I quite like about it is that it provides stable and clean power. Hence, you don’t need to worry about the safety of computers and other sensitive equipment.

The product is backed by a 3-year residential and commercial warranty.

It isn’t all good though.

For starters, the weight seems to be a little bit on the higher side, thus making it not-so-portable. The lack of wheels and handles means you would have to put an extra effort into moving around the generator.

Also, the maximum power is somewhat limited due to the Eco-Throttle technology.

Despite having a few minor flaws, the positive points easily outweigh the negatives. With superior build-quality and ultra-quiet nature (49-58 dB), the Honda EU3000IS1A is an absolute no-brainer.


  • Ultra-quiet
  • Can operate a variety of appliances
  • Provides stable and clean power
  • Low oil alert


  • Somewhat bulky
  • Maximum power is limited by the Eco-Throttle

2. Generac GP3000i Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Looking for an inverter generator that is portable at the same time? Generac GP3000i is might be what you’re looking for.

It operates fairly quietly and generates about 58 dBA at its peak.

It has got an extra edge over many other products of its type due to the advanced PowerRush technology that delivers over 50% more starting capacity. You can also connect 2 units together to double the overall power. The convenient RV-ready outlets facilitate easy connection.

The start/run/stop options are all encapsulated in the PowerDial.

I particularly like the USB outlets.

You can charge your smartphones, tablets, and other electronics with it.

In terms of portability, this is one of the best models. It’s light-weight, compact, and is furnished with a built-in handle which makes it extremely easy to carry it to any desired location.

The tank capacity is 1.06 gallons and the run time is 5.8 hours on 25% load.

Now coming to the downsides…

The run-time, while perfectly acceptable, is a bit low compared to the other recommended products on this list. Users also mentioned that they would have certainly appreciated a larger fuel tank.

Nevertheless, the product is still a great choice, especially if you’re looking for an ultra-quiet portable inverter generator.


  • Portable and Compact
  • Uses advanced PowerRush technology
  • Parallel ready
  • USB outlets


  • Average run-time
  • Average fuel tank size

3. Champion RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

No products found.

If you fancy an inverter generator that also has a wireless remote start, then the Champion RV Ready might be worth a look.

It is silent when in use and at most produces only about 58 dB. It requires a starting power of 3100 watts and then continues to run at 2800 watts. At a load of 25%, it has run time of up to 8 hours. For a greater run time, you may check out Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator.

With the help of the remote, the start and stop of the generator can be regulated from a distance of 80 feet. Operations are easy to control with the Quick Touch Panel that contains all the options in one unified spot.

It provides complete protection to sensitive appliances by provides clean and steady power. It is furnished with RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two 120V 20A household outlets and a clean power (less than 3% THD) 12V DC outlet with dual USB adapter.

The tank size is 1.6 Gallon. For larger tanks, you may try Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator.

It also has a low oil shut off feature. The cast iron sleeve makes it durable. The wheels and handles help to carry it to any desired location easily.

The product is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

It comes with its own fair share of flaws though.

Firstly, it does not have a parallel capability. This means you won’t be able to harness the power of multiple generators. If having a parallel capability is a must, I’d recommend you to check Generac GP3000i Super Quiet Inverter Generator.

The tank size is average, though perfectly acceptable. While I haven’t had this issue, a few users also reported that at times it vibrates and creates quite a bit of extra noise. In most cases, this should be faulty hardware and you can often make do with a free replacement.

Overall, the Champion RV ready portable inverter generator stands true to its name and is a great pick.


  • Wireless remote start
  • Quiet operation (58dB)
  • Provides clean power
  • Portable


  • Lacks parallel capability
  • May vibrate sometimes

4. Briggs & Stratton P3000 Inverter Generator 

No products found.

Are you on the lookout for a manual start inverter generator that also has a silent operation? Briggs & Stratton P3000 might be worth looking a look.

It generates only 58 decibels at a 25% load

It requires a starting power of 3000 watts and later continues to run at only 2600 watts, hence saving power. It can be used as a traditional camping generator and is competent enough to start a standard RV air conditioner.

A parallel connector port allows you to connect two inverter generators to provide greater power.

It comes with a 1.5 Gal. fuel tank. If you wish to get a product with a higher fuel tank capacity then you may try Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator.

It can be used for 10-hours of continuous operation at a 25% load on a full tank. It is equipped with a permanent magnet alternator. It also features a low oil shutdown.

A convenient luggage-style telescoping handle and durable 6″ solid wheels make it easy to move the generator to the desired location very easily.

It’s not all fairytales though.

For starters, it lacks an electric start. While it does come with parallel connectivity support, the unit itself doesn’t include a parallel cable. It’s hardly a problem though, as you can easily find a parallel cable online.

All-in-all, the Briggs & Stratton P3000 is a great manual start inverter generator and one that I’d recommend.


  • Portable
  • Parallel ready
  • quiet operation
  • Low oil shutdown


  • Lacks an electric start
  • Parallel cable not included

5. Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator

Looking for an inverter generator with large tank size and incredible run time? The Westinghouse WGen3600 ticks all those boxes.

It generates about 69 dBA of noise.

The generator runs for up to 18 hours at a time with a 4 gallon (15 L) gasoline fuel tank and has 4,650 peak watts and 3,600 running watts. This is the largest tank size of all the products mentioned in this article.

The 212cc 4-Stroke OHV Westinghouse Engine made of a cast iron sleeve is known for its power and durability. Besides this, it is also furnished with a built-in fuel gauge and the automatic low oil shutdown feature.

The RV Ready TT-30R 30A outlet keeps the air conditioner and other appliances running throughout the day with an L5-30R outlet and household duplex outlets. For added safety, all the outlets have rubber covers.

Its compact design, lightweight, and presence of wheels make it very portable.

One gripe with it is that it doesn’t come with a push-button electric start. While the noise levels are acceptable for a generator of this kind, it is still a bit noisier than most of the other products on this list.


  • Portable
  • Extremely powerful
  • High run time
  • Large fuel tank size


  • No push-button electric start
  • A bit noisier than competitors

The Buying Guide: Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Product

1. Power of the Motor

This is one of the first things to look for in order to get a satisfactory output. The power that is delivered by the motor is expected to be stable and clean so that all the appliances are completely safe and don’t get damaged due to fluctuations.

The best way to gauge the power of the motor is to look for the run time of the system at 25% and 50% load before the fuel completely depletes. Comparing it with multiple other products can give a great idea about the product that you should go for.

Also, the products that have a 4-stroke OHV engines supply more power.

Thus, if you have to deal with lots of appliances and are looking for longer run time, then, in my opinion, the best product from the list would be Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator.

3000 Watt Generator - free energy engine - motor power 3kW Free Energy Generator 2019 230V
Power of the Motor
Credit: YouTube

2. Noise Level

Of course, none of us would like to have a generator that emits excruciating noise every time we use it, especially during camping. It would simply hamper your concentration and peace. To curtail it, you may have to put a lot of effort into soundproofing it which will not only add to the cost but will also be cumbersome.

To prevent such nasty situations, all you need to do is check the decibels of the noise it generates. Also, some generators are capable of determining the amount of power required and automatically adjusts to run slow when not much output is needed.

This feature helps in keeping the amount of noise emitted in check. Among the aforementioned products, one of the quietest models is Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator.

Traditional Generators vs Inverter Generators

When it comes to noise emitted by a set, inverter generators are known to outweigh traditional generators very easily.

This is so because the mechanism used in traditional generators is such that they tend to emit a tremendous amount of sound when in use. On the other hand, the inverter generators use the latest technologies that significantly cut off many decibels of sound and run much quieter.

Generally, the conventional models produce about 65 to 75 decibels of noise, whereas the inverter ones tend to produce only 55 to 60 decibels of noise.

Traditional Generators vs Inverter Generators
Credit: YouTube

3. Control System

However reputed the product might be, if it cannot be used easily then there is not much point in going for it. Thus, when you make a decision, it is highly advised to check whether the product has a solid control system.

It is preferred to go for the ones that have all the operations for controlling the system in a single slot. It must be easily identifiable too.

Further, a user-friendly model must contain multiple options for starting the system. Hence, it must contain recoil start as well as options for electric start.

A number of AC and DC outlets must also be included to facilitate smooth charging. One such product that suffices most of these demands is Champion RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator. Its Quick Touch Panel makes it stand out of the lot.

Generator Set Main Parts
Control System

4. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency has a direct impact on the run time of the machine. And hence, if you are looking for a model that runs for a long time on a single tank, then you should keep an eye out on this one.

Inverter generators have great fuel efficiency and hence do not require too large tanks. The most commonly used fuels are diesel, gasoline, and propane.

In this light, Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator is unmatched. It has the longest operating time of 20 hours on a single 3.4-gallon tank.

5. Portability

Generators are often required at various places like job sites, homes, camping sites, and many more. Hence, if you’re looking for such a varied use-case, you should look for the features that facilitate portability.

Thus, you must always try to get a model that is light in weight, has a compact design, and has built-in handles and wheels. These features will help you move them to the desired site effortlessly.

Of the many products mentioned in this article, Champion RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator is worth citing in this regard.

Structural Features to Favor Portability

6. Budget

After determining the maximum power that you might need, you can go about looking for products and compare their prices.

If you’re on a budget, the Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator could be a great choice. It comes with a 4 gallon (15 L) gasoline fuel tank and has an excellent run time of 18 hours.

If you are someone who can settle for nothing less than the best and aren’t willing to make any compromises, Honda EU3000IS1A won’t disappoint you. It is ultra-quiet and makes use of the fancy latest technologies you will ever need.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Does My Generator Make So Much Noise?

Here are some of the reasons why your generator is noisy:

  • Normal wear and tear of parts
  • Amplification of vibrations
  • Fault in the motor
  • Moise due to air moving across the engine
  • Fluctuations in current in the alternator windings

2. How Many Decibels is a Quiet Generator?

Generally, the generators that operate between 50-65 dBA or lower are considered quiet. These levels of noise are generated by the inverter generators. The conventional ones are much louder.

3. How Many Appliances can You Plug into a 3000-watt Generator?

A 3000-watt generator is competent enough to run a large number of appliances at one go. It can be used to supply power to an electric furnace, a microwave, television, and even a  refrigerator.

When it comes to specifying a particular number of appliances, it cannot be stated much clearly. This is so because it is largely dependent on the power requirement of the machines connected. But, overall the power drawn must not exceed 3000 watts.

4. Traditional Generators vs Inverter Generators: Which One Should I Get?

Both traditional, as well as inverter generators, can effectively supply power but due to a couple of reasons, inverter generators are preferred. Here’s why inverter generators are great when compared to traditional generators.

  • An inverter generator produces electricity in 3 phases (high-frequency AC to DC and then to stable AC current) whereas conventional generators only produce AC electricity
  • More energy-efficient
  • Generally more portable
  • Produce less noise
  • Provide parallel support
  • Fewer greenhouse emissions

5. How do I Make my Generator Quieter?

Here are some tips to quieten your generator:

  • use generator silencer
  • apply a soundproof box around it
  • dip the other end of the hosepipe from the exhaust in a bucket of water to attenuate the vibrations
  • change the position of the exhaust pipe to a direction away from you
  • relocate the generator slightly away from your current location
  • add some rubber padding underneath the generator
  • replace the muffler when needed
  • go for a quieter generator

The Bottom Line

Honda EU3000IS1A Gasoline Portable Inverter Generator is the quietest of all the mentioned products. it has the highest run time of all and is also pretty fuel-efficient.

Champion RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator gives you some great features like wireless remote start and Quick Touch Panel that make it one of the most wanted products among the customers.

Westinghouse WGen3600 Portable Generator is a great pick for budget-friendly shoppers which comes with a great run-time and fuel-efficiency for its price.

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