How to Soundproof a Dog Crate (+Tips to Stop Dog Barking)

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Do you often get complaints or odd looks from your neighbors about the loud barking noise of your dog?

As pet lovers, we know how much attention our pets need.

Soundproofing a dog crate is not only a good choice for you, but also for your canines too as it helps them feel comfortable during loud events such as fireworks.

Today, let’s explore some DIY tips to soundproof your dog crate without breaking the bank.

Ready to build your noise-canceling dog crate?

Let’s get started!

Why Should I Consider Soundproofing A Dog Crate?

Soundproofing a dog crate can be good for you as well as your dog. The dogs can hear sounds ranging in frequency from 67 Hz to 45000 Hz compared to the humans who hear from 64 Hz to 23000 Hz.

Here are some of the benefits of soundproofing your dog crate:

  • Creates a peaceful environment
  • Protect pets from loud noises like fireworks
  • Keep your pet relaxed and safe
  • Reduce whining and constant barking
  • Prevent your neighbors from being disturbed

Things You Will Need: At a Glance

Crate Bedding Set/Cover

Breathable material to help reduce noise while also creating a comfortable environment for your pet

Soundproof Blankets

Helps reduce high-frequency noise

Acoustic Tiles

Great for absorbing sound, especially for use in hard surfaces like the dog kennels

Snuggle Toy

A chewing toy to soothe your puppy as he gets used to his new crate

Note: If you also have a fish as a pet in your home, you might want to consider checking out my mega-detailed guide to help you buy a quiet fish tank filter.

1. Use Soundproof Dog Crate Covers

This is probably the easiest and the most inexpensive way of soundproofing a dog crate.

Ensure you find a breathable material, else your pet might feel claustrophobic or suffocated.

If you’re planning to buy one, make sure you buy one which is specially made for soundproofing your pets’ crates.

Using a cover is easy on the wallet as well as for maintenance. It’s easily removable and washable.

Here are some important factors to remember when choosing a dog crate cover:

  • breathable material
  • easily washed in a machine
  • allow light to pass
  • comfortably for your dog

Keeping the above tips in mind, this crate cover is affordable and efficient.

If you think you do not want to use dog crate covers, you can use acoustic blankets as a temporary fix. Make sure the blankets do not make the crate too warm or too dark though.

2. Soundproof Blankets for a Dog Crate

Absorption Sheets help absorb mid-high frequency sounds and reduce echoes too.

Most of them come with grommets, which makes it incredibly easy to install. For the uninitiated, grommets are basically hangers for these sheets.

You just have to mount these sheets on the inside of the crate. Note that you need the right absorption sheet for your dog’s crate size for it to be effective.

The absorption sheets can make the crate a little dark, making it perfect for a good night’s sleep.

These moving blankets are durable and make a good soundproofing material for high-range frequencies.

Advantages of absorption sheets:

  • temporary solution
  • inexpensive
  • easy to install or remove

3. Soundproof a Wall or Room of your House Where the Noise is Coming From

If you like to think out of the box, you can not just soundproof the dog crate, but also soundproof your wall where the noise is coming from.

I have published some great guides around which you can find here:

These step-by-step research will guide you through everything you through the procedure.

How do I Soundproof a Kennel?

A kennel is usually made of hard surfaces that reflect the noise easily, causing a lot of reverberation and echoes to occur. Because of this, you might need to use another technique to soundproof a kennel:

  1. Use Acoustic Tiles: They work well for noise absorption once stuck to walls or ceilings. They have a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.
  2. Acoustic Panels: They offer great sound absorption for mid to high-frequency sounds. Moreover, you get to choose what fabric you want.
  3. Sound Baffles: They absorb echoes very well. They are usually suspended from the ceiling and are very decorative.

Potential Problems with Soundproofing a Crate

Like all things, you may face certain problems while soundproofing your pets’ crate. Watch out for these problems:


Make sure that you are using a breathable fabric. Poor ventilation can make your pet sick.


The position of the crate is really important. If you face it directly to the sunlight, it may heat up very quickly. Even if you use regular blankets instead of breathable moving blankets can cause high temperatures in the crate.

Without breathable material and good ventilation, the crate could get very hot very quickly and this can cause discomfort and even sickness for your dog.


A darker and quieter crate will get your pet relaxed. Although, you do not want to create a complete blackout. A completely blacked out crate can cause stress and confusion for your dog.

Why is My Dog Always Barking?

Barking is one type of vocal communication that dogs use, and it can mean different things depending on the situation. It can be because they may be irritated with loud external noise, or afraid of something. Dogs with separation anxiety often bark excessively when left alone. Sometimes your dog might bark just because it is affectionate.

How To Help Your Dog Settle In Their Crate (How To Stop Dog Barking In Crate)

Here are a few tips:

Avoid Needless Emotional Farewells

If you are planning to leave, try to leave as quickly as possible without making it too emotional. Dogs are easily distressed and those farewells while cute can be heartbreaking for them, and they would end up barking and whining nonstop until you’re back.

Reassure Your Dog

If your dog is restless or frightened, make sure you make your dog feel safe. Reassure your dog of its safety. You can try some calming music or your doggy’s favorite toy.

You can increase positive associations with the crate by offering your dog a treat whenever they go into the crate and praising them for good behavior when in the crate.

Don’t Leave them in the bathroom

I wouldn’t recommend leaving your dog in the bathroom if your ar leaving your home.

A bathroom has materials that will have more echoes of the barking or howling which is not desirable. It will only make the situation worse for your dog.

Get Your Doggy Exhausted

Play with your dog as much as you can, have them run around and entertain themselves during the day. If your dog is exhausted, all it will want to do is take a nap.

Find a Dog Sitter

On the off chance that you can pay for one, get a dog sitter to remain with your pet at whatever point you are away.

It will make pets feel less lonely. If you can’t find a sitter, you can ask your family, friends, or neighbors to look after your dog when you’re away.

Place the Crate in a Comfortable Room

Unfamiliar surroundings can make your dog agitated. Place your dog crate in a familiar room so that your dog is comfortable even when you are not around.

Train your dog

Disciplining your pet will only get you fewer troubles. You can discipline a pet lovingly. A little scolding and training them to stay in the crate can help them become comfortable in the pet. It will be a little difficult but eventually, your dog will come around.

Make sure you do not use the crate as a punishment, that will make your pet anxious and sad. The crate should be for the pets to be at peace.

Get your pup a toy

Dogs are like little babies. If you already haven’t gotten them toys to play with, get some now.

They have a short attention span and will be busy playing with toys. This will keep them off barking and make them less anxious.

Snuggle Puppy is a great toy to soothe your pet. You can also use a chew toy to keep your puppy busy.

Soundproofing A Dog Crate

You always want the best for your pets – they are just like your baby.

Making your pets crate a soundproof one may rise out of many reasons, do not feel bad about it. It may be thunderstorms that scare your dog or just the neighbors complaining.

There are many options to soundproof your dog’s crate. Choose the one which is most feasible for you. It is very simple to DIY a soundproof crate. You just need to make sure that your pet is comfortable in the crate.

I did soundproof my dogs’ crates and it has been great. They whine less and are really comfortable in their own space. Although, it did require a little training to get them in there!

I hope this article helped make your and your little doggy’s life better!

Let me know in the comments!

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